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Whether you are a Property Manager, Architect or Commercial Developer, our full line of USPS Approved postal specialties from Auth-Florence manufacturing company will add value and convenience to your buildings mail system. Our benches, solar lights, litter receptacles, planters and bike racks help create a safe, cohesive community gathering area.

Alabama Mailbox Company has partnered with Auth-Florence Manufacturing to provide you with the highest quality products designed to meet the most stringent USPS standards and private delivery needs.

Our Division 10 Postal Specialties are designed to be functional, appealing, and cost-effective, adding the final touches to your next project. From assisting you with ever-changing USPS guidelines to providing product spec drawings, a real person will assist you from start to finish. We are standing by to quote your complete project or an individual product.

Once again we don’t take your business for granted… we earn it!


Thank you for choosing us!


Call to purchase the following:
4C Mailbox Suites
Horizontal and Vertical Units
Mail Station Shelters and Accessories
Replacement Parts